Meet The Team


Jordan Houston, Founder/President/Director

After losing her beloved soul dog Kobe in 2017, Jordan had a broken heart and lot of love to give. She needed a reason to get out of bed in the morning and an outlet for a lot of depressing energy. Jordan also noticed her other dog, Cash, was equally as heartbroken over the loss of Kobe. So, she knew she had to find another sibling for Cash, she also knew she wanted to rescue a Bully Breed. So, Jordan and Jamie rescued their first dog, Phoenix. The experience with Phoenix was so fulfilling that they began rehabbing and finding homes for other dogs in need, as well as fostering for other rescues for dogs needing rehab prior to adoption. After seeing their fosters flourish in their safe, loving homes, they knew this was something they had to do more of, but they wanted to do so in a way that would help the ones that needed it most. Day after day they saw more and more “Pit Bulls” being euthanized for no reason, other than humans failing them; Dog fighting rings being shutdown with dozens to hundreds of Bullies involved; and too often people would walk on the other side of the road when they were walking Cash and Phoenix, and they’d often get negative remarks or glances for having “Pit Bulls.” Meanwhile, Cash and Phoenix were just walking along, wagging their tails in hopes a passersby would pet them. Between the stigma Bully Breeds have against them, humans making them fight one another in dog fighting, the massive amount of Pit Bull type dogs in shelters and being euthanized daily; as well as knowing the reality of how truly incredible these dogs are with the right handlers, training and environment, they knew that rescuing and educating on Bully Breeds had to be incorporated into their rescue dreams. Since the rescue’s opening, Jordan and Jamie have rehabbed two more Bully Breeds - Gypsy and Humphrey. Both are now official pack members, and Jordan’s saving grace after losing Kobe.


Jamie Houston, Co-Founder/Vice President

Jamie found his passion for Bullies through his love for his American Staffordshire Terrier, Cash. Jamie is a Combat Veteran who, like so many others, struggled upon returning home from Iraq and suffers from PTSD. But once Jamie got Cash, his suffering became more tolerable as Cash gave him the unconditional love, support and companionship that he needed. But Cash’s love and loyalty isn’t limited to just Jamie. Whenever Jamie and Jordan’s kiddo is under the weather or having a rough day, Cash can always be found right by his side. Cash also helps Jordan through her bad MS days, as well as alerts her when her anxiety spikes and she needs to relax by his persistent cues to slow down, cuddle and allow him to give lots of kisses. In addition to Cash’s humans, he also was very tolerant of Kobe, who was a very grumpy, senior Chihuahua. Kobe was set in his ways and very resistant to allowing Cash into “his” family when they first moved in together. They quickly became best friends and were inseparable, despite Kobe’s antics. When Kobe passed, Cash became very depressed and that’s when Phoenix came home. She was 3-4 weeks old, malnourished, tiny, and weak. While Jamie and Jordan nursed Phoenix back to health, Cash remained patient (although they could tell he was eager to make a new friend) and was beyond gentle throughout her recovery; they’re now best buds. Since Phoenix, Cash has assisted his family with caring for each and every foster, as well as his new siblings: Willie (a Chihuahua who believes he’s a Pit Bull, 6lbs of fury); Freckles (a senior special needs foster who never left); Gypsy (an intense and lengthy rehab foster who came to them shutdown, feral and terrified of the world. She flourished in the Houston Pack, so she stayed. She’s now Jordan’s shadow); and Humphrey (a big headed party boy rehab foster who came to them with no impulse control, no bite inhibition, and a whole lot of drive. That fun guy was too fun to adopt out, so he stayed as well). Cash has become Jamie and Jordan’s first Ambassador Bully, as he represents everything that Bully Breeds can be: patient, loving, loyal, smart, friendly, tolerant, intuitive, gentle, and as Jamie puts it: “the best dog ever!”


Candi Guyette, Assistant Director


Allie Dennis, Foster/Adoption Coordinator


Dyani Whitman, Lead Foster/Rehab Foster